4 ways LASIK can improve your life + how it helped a family

Poor eyesight tends to run in families. Such was the case for Jean and her two adult daughters, Grace and Annie. That was until they each had LASIK eye surgery. 

We’ll hear from this family about how their lives have improved as a result of LASIK eye surgery. We’ll also find out why having LASIK performed at a smaller eye care practice matters, and why the cost of LASIK shouldn’t prevent you from exploring it as a way to achieve clear vision.

How LASIK Improves Daily Life

When Jean and her daughters underwent LASIK surgery, they each saw immediate benefits in their day-to-day lives. Let’s take a look at a few of these. We think by sharing their stories, you’ll be able to imagine having some of these benefits in your own life.

1. It reduces the inconveniences of glasses or contacts

If you’re tired of keeping up with glasses or contact lenses, you can likely understand how being less dependent on them would be a major benefit of having LASIK. 

As Annie (Jean’s youngest daughter) put it, “It’s incredible to wake up and not have to worry about your glasses or your contacts and just wake up and see everything.” 

And it doesn’t take long after LASIK before you can set aside your eyewear. Often, patients have 20/20 vision within 24 hours of the procedure. [1

2. It can save you money

It’s just not the inconvenience of glasses or contacts that makes LASIK worth it.   

The costs of glasses and contacts can add up–especially over the course of your lifetime (or your loved one’s lifetime). As a result, LASIK could save you thousands of dollars.

Jean backed up this sentiment when she said, “The amount of money and time and effort that I put into buying glasses, wearing glasses, buying contacts, buying contacts for my kids, it’s worth every penny.”

3. It can make life a little less stressful

You have enough to deal with each day without having to worry about keeping up with your glasses and contacts. When you can see clearly without the use of visual aids, life becomes a little less stressful.

That’s why we’re not surprised by the findings of a study that states LASIK can decrease stress in individuals who get it. [2]

This was certainly the case when Annie was about to move from the United States to Thailand. The situation was already filled with a lot of stressors, but because she had LASIK surgery, she didn’t have to be concerned about seeing clearly without the use of eyewear. 

“It’s just one less inconvenience to worry about,” Annie said.

“It was life-changing to not have to worry about contacts or glasses while I was getting ready to move to a new foreign country that I had never been to.”

4. It can boost your overall happiness

Since LASIK can ease life’s stressors, it’s understandable that it can improve how happy you feel overall. One study found that getting LASIK had a positive effect on one’s overall happiness, due in part to the high satisfaction rate of the surgery [3], which recent clinical data states as being more than 96%. [4]

A happiness boost was one of the benefits Jean saw in Annie after buying her LASIK as a graduation gift. “I could just tell how happy it made her and how much it changed in her day-to-day life,” said Jean. “Everything was easier [for her].”

Since LASIK can decrease your stress and improve your overall happiness, it’s no surprise that another study found that it can also help improve your psychological well-being. [5] This certainly makes sense to us. After all, having clear vision can certainly have a positive effect on one’s mental health. 

But if you decide to explore LASIK for yourself, you should know that not all practices are the same.

Why going to a smaller practice matters

“I can’t recommend going to a smaller practice enough,” said Grace, Jean’s oldest daughter. “You really feel like they care about you and making sure you feel good about the care you’re getting.”

We’re proud of the reputation that the LASIK Doctor Network practices have garnered. Smaller practices aren’t taking the “LASIK/PRK or Bust” approach that you might receive at the big LASIK chains. Instead, you receive personalized care that requires a tailored solution–one that’s best suited to address your vision needs.

And that’s just what LASIK Doctor Network practices provide.

One final note

If all this sounds like something you want to explore, but you’re concerned that you can’t afford the cost of LASIK eye surgery, you have options. LASIK Doctor Network practices offer a variety of payment options that include flexible payment terms and zero-interest repayment plans. 

Bottom line: We don’t want financial concerns to prevent you from exploring LASIK. If you’d like to discuss financing plans, please let us know.

We hope this information has been useful on your journey to clear vision! Please keep in mind that this blog post is not meant to constitute medical advice, so be sure to speak directly with a healthcare professional with any medically related questions. If you would like to find a LASIK Doctor Network LASIK practice near you, then search the link below:

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