LASIK Eye Consultation in Massachusetts

Learn everything you need to know about laser eye surgery during a consultation. Our expert staff will help you determine the right decision for your eyes.

Full, In-Office LASIK Consultation

(In-office LASIK consultations usually last about 45-60 minutes)

A full, in-office LASIK consultation experience allows you to have screening measurements done and meet with a surgical counselor who can discuss your candidacy and explain everything about laser eye surgery to you. With your LASIK screening measurements, our LASIK counselor can let you know which procedure you are a candidate for, and the expectations that correspond to that procedure concerning healing, visual outcomes, and anything else you would like to discuss.

Virtual, Online LASIK Consultation

(Virtual consultations usually last 30 minutes or less)

A virtual online LASIK consultation will allow you to meet with a highly experienced vision counselor online. They will be able to answer any questions and explain the various treatment options. Due to not having the measurements or medical records we collect in the office, we can not provide you with a specific medical recommendation; however, they will be able to schedule you for a full, in-office LASIK consultation where you can learn that.

Learn More About Laser Eye Surgery

Stay informed with expert insights. Our articles cover everything you would ever want to know about LASIK, PRK, and anything else related.

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