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Choosing “just any” LASIK surgeon to fix your eyes can be costly

Finding the right LASIK surgeon for you can be confusing.

If you don’t know where to look, you could easily end up with a LASIK surgeon who has confusing hidden fees and isn’t local to your area. 

If you use a surgeon who isn’t local to you, you probably won’t see them again. This means your follow-up care could be handled by someone who isn’t as familiar with your eyecare situation. 

At Premier Medical Group, we’ll provide you with clear options.

We are a local LASIK surgeon practice featuring transparent prices, we take the time to get to know you and your situation, and we’re available to oversee your follow-up care. This means you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan at a price that doesn’t take you by surprise.

Having concerns around LASIK is natural. We'll help walk you through them!

Discover the Comfort and Speed of LASIK Vision Correction!

Curious about LASIK surgery but have questions? The good news is that in just 90 seconds, our video addresses the most common concerns that patients have. Watch the video for details and take the first step toward clear vision. Feel free to download our E-Book to further walk through any concerns you may have.

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Get the vision you imagine from a local Mobile surgeon you can trust

at a price you understand.

A Surgeon in Your Community

Choose a local surgeon who lives where you live. Doctors who are dedicated to serving your community in Mobile, Alabama.

Full-Service Eye Care

You deserve to have clear vision for a lifetime. Local, full-service care helps that happen.

Costs You Can Understand

Phantom discounts are confusing and frustrating. Seek clear and transparent LASIK costs and beat the bait-and-switch.

Refractive Eye Surgeries in Mobile

Great Vision Can Go Beyond LASIK!

At Premier Medical Group, our eye surgeons excel not only in LASIK but also a comprehensive array of options to suit your unique needs. That's why we invite you to learn more about the LASIK procedure itself along with other eye surgeries in Mobile. We understand that your vision journey is personal, and that's why we're committed to providing a tailored approach that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you're considering LASIK or exploring other cutting-edge eye surgeries in Mobile, our team is dedicated to guiding you towards the best vision enhancement path for you.

How to Create the Life You Imagine With Clear Vision

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    Step 1:

    Your best way to get started creating your active life free from glasses and contacts is to schedule a LASIK consult.

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    Step 2:
    Explore and Decide

    During your FREE LASIK consult, you’ll meet your surgeon and explore the best procedure for your eyes.

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    Step 3:
    Get LASIK and Begin

    Having LASIK changes lives. After you have LASIK, you’ll begin seeing the world clearly without limits on your activities because of bad vision. 


As a co-op of independent LASIK surgeons, we know that choosing a LASIK surgeon and determining how much LASIK really costs can be stressful.

We’ve helped thousands of LASIK patients see clearly. We can help you, too. Here’s what we provide:

  • A thorough and free consultation to make certain LASIK is the best option for you
  • Continued access to your surgeon
  • Local follow-up care to make sure your vision stays clear
  • State-of-the-art technology to ensure a great outcome for you
  • Transparent pricing
  • Patient financing from Care-Credit

And in the meantime, if you still have questions, download the eBook,

“Is LASIK the Right Choice for Me?”

After all, you deserve to have enough information to help you decide.

We know that you want to create the life you imagine with clear vision.

In order to do that, you need to choose a LASIK surgeon you can trust and know how much money you will spend.

The problem is the advertising about LASIK can be confusing. We believe it’s wrong that people like you have to be anxious about where they have LASIK and how much it will really cost. Like you, we think a patient’s time is best spent with the surgeon who will perform their LASIK helping them know their options for treatment and pricing. This is why LASIK Doctor Network practices have joined together to help LASIK patients make choices that are right for them.



Download our FREE E-book and become a person armed with the information you need to create the vision you’ve dreamed about.

When you think LASIK Eye Surgery in Mobile, Alabama think Premier Medical Group!

If you have questions, feel free to fill out our form and contact us. With , you get high-quality, customized vision solutions that complement your lifestyle. Our eye doctors are experts in providing a wide range of ophthalmology and optometry services and offer the highest standards of care for our patients. Contact us to learn more about our eye care services.

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